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Green Juice Delivery
Posted on 03.20.15 by Your Natural Remedies @

Every morning I have my green wheat juice. It is something that I enjoy having every morning and I actually enjoy the taste of it. My kids think it is disgusting but I think is great although it does look unappealing to some. And organic is the way to go these days. You just never know what kind of pesticides are on your fruit and vegetables and if they are GMO then you mind as well have a soda because it is just that bad. Having green juice, whether it is kale or spinach or even adding green veggies to your fruit smoothie is so beneficial in your overall health whether you are looking to stay fit, lose a few pounds or trying to eat clean.
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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

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Posted on 12.24.14 by Your Natural Remedies @

I think there comes a point in every females life where they realize that they have to put a little work into their looks if they would like to keep them. For some it comes as early as their 20’s but I think mid to late 30’s is when females realize that they will not have looks that are going to last forever. And lets face it…men of all ages like a nice body and a pretty face that is young looking. Men get older and they become distinguished and actually look better in many cases…not the case for females which really sucks because men don’t even really care what they look like and women always even from a very early age are very conscious on how they want to look and how to achieve it. So, it is time to take matters in your own hands and forget the costly procedures that you have to keep up with every single month by the “professional”. Save that money and enroll in a pilates course while you are at it!

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Posted on 11.20.14 by Your Natural Remedies @

I don’t trust anything in the supermarkets anymore. Everything is GMO and toxic. I buy most of my things from health stores like Herbalife that offer organic vitamins and products that do not have parabens in them but they are at a much more reasonable price compared to places like Whole Foods which I can not afford.

Once you start reading up on how terrible products ingredients are for you you will never go back because you won’t be able to justify paying that $1 less to possibly compromise your health or the health of your family. I find the selections amazing and the products that I have gotten have been high quality and I just love them. I feel like I am doing something healthy and I am going in the right direction for healthy living.

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Love Glass
Posted on 10.18.14 by Your Natural Remedies @

My sister got chocolates as her wedding favor gift and everyone just loved it! I can not even remember what I had but it must not have been that memorable…I think the Love Glass Coaster Wedding Favors are just so nice. And the thing is that it is also practical so that people will actually use them. I know that I have coasters all over my house. I have to have a coaster under my glass otherwise it just really bothers me. So these are great in my opinion. I have a friend that is getting married and I have no idea what she is going to be getting but I am definately mentioning this before she goes out and gets something crazy as she usually does! 🙂

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