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So I’ve been covering natural treatments for common ailments and the benefits of different foods so what about going one step further and discuss the benefits of what certain minerals and vitamins have on the foods. Let’s start with foods that are high in potassium. A few foods with the highest amounts of potassium would be found in bananas, lima beans, cantaloupe, orange juice, potatoes and yams, almonds, whole milk, salmon, black beans, apricots, avocados, brown rice, dates, figs, dried fruit, garlic, raisins, winter squash, spinach and wheat bran.
Foods that are high in potassium, have many benefits such as…

*Helps maintain regular bowel movements and reduce the risk of constipation and diarrhea

*Helps treat earaches, and headaches

*Reduces the risk of a stroke and heart disease

*Helps improve your circulation – thus help in preventing varicose veins

*If you suffer from insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, regular fatigue or loss of energy you may have a potassium deficiency

*Help maintain healthy bones and reduces risk of osteoporosis

*Maintain a diet with potassium and it will alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus

*If you have swollen glands, or muscle weakness eat more food with potassium

*Potassium is great for cell regeneration thus great for anti-aging

*Helps reduce water retention – so if you feel bloated eat a food high in potassium

*If you have arthritis eat more foods high in potassium

*Helps stabilize your emotions such as stress, nervousness, anxiety, irritability and depression

*Helps your joints – expecially if you have arthritis

*Helps with skin problems such as dry skin and acne

*Helps control your blood pressure

*Helps the strength in your muscles especially your heart

*Reduces risk of hypoglycemia

*Foods high in potassium with help keep your cholesterol levels normal

*Add more foods in your diet that are high in potassium if you have PMS

*Reduces risk of getting kidney disease and kidney stones

*Promotes a faster healing of cuts and bruises

*Help stabilize blood sugars – great mineral for diabetics with Type 2 diabetes

*Gives you natural energy – helps your body fight obesity and foods high in potassium aid in weight loss

*Helps with the control of your nervous system everyday functions

Potassium is just one of the many proteins, minerals, vitamins….you should be getting in a well balanced diet.

*Remember as with anything always eat/drink in moderation!! Too much of anything is not good for you. And be sure to always consult your doctor for pre-existing and current conditions before trying natural remedies.

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