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Here are some great reasons for you to start adding more onions to your diet!!

*High in flavonoids and anti-oxidants – slowing down the aging process

*Eases the itching of chiggers

*Increases sperm count

*Help fight depression

*Great for your eye’s health – helps prevent cataracts

*Help treat insomnia – put an onion near your bed

*Great for your heart – helps prevent heart disease, heart attack and stroke – reducing the risk of blood clotting

*Helps soothe and treat sunburns and minor burns

*Rub an onion on your head for a “cure” for baldness

*Helps boost you immune system fighting off the common cold, hay fever and even pneumonia

*Helps treat allergies and asthma

*Has been said to help the HIV infection

*Prevents and treats ulcers

*If you have high cholesterol – eat more onions!

*Add more onions to your diet if you have high blood pressure

*If you are suffering from scabies eat more onions

*Help treat impotence

*Helps treat eczema, burns and insect bites

*Put a drop of raw juice in your ear for tinnitus

*Helps treat varicose veins – eat more onions for good circulation improving capillaries

*If you have diabetes eat more onions – helps level blood sugars

*Help prevent scurvy

*If you bruise easily – eat more onions

*Helps treat and ease the symptoms of tuberculosis

*Helps promote strong and healthy bones preventing osteoporosis

*Onions help treat arthritis and gout

*If you are congested have some onions – great anti-inflammatory

*Great for respiratory disorders (bronchitis) and breathing problems

*Raw onions have the most benefits

*Anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties

*Helps treat wounds, infections and even tumors

*Help rid warts

*Is a natural deterrent to insects

*Helps prevent stomach, liver and colon cancers

*Said to help get rid of age spots and even freckles

*Help a poor appetite

*Helps improve your lung functions

*If you have an upset stomach and/or a gastrointestinal problem….eat more onions

*Help promote tearing 🙂

*Remember as with anything always eat/drink in moderation!! Too much of anything isn’t good

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