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Eat The Peels!!
Posted on 07.29.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

When you have an apple be sure to eat the peel. Do not peel the apple because that is a really important and healthy part of the fruit! In fact the best concenration of the flavonoid quercertin is found in the peel. And when you eat it you are providing your body with a super defence against free radicals even more so that vitamin C! And this will help prevent dviruses and bacterial from forming and multiplying!!

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Lemon Mouthwash
Posted on 06.09.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

I do not really like those mouthwashes that are anything other than peppermint however…in a case where I do not have mouthwash in the house I will use lemon juice. That is right – just take some lemon juice and swish it around for a bit. It is kinda gross but not more discusting than walking around all day with that foul smelling breath. And the people that you talk to will thank you for doing this also!

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Posted on 12.06.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

My very good friend has a urinary tract infection. Personally, I have always drank cranberry juice to help clear up this problem. It actually is a lot more effective in preventing it but it can help clear it up also. However, everything in moderation. She likes cranberry juice and drank an entire big bottle of it…yuck! I like cranberry juice too but as with anything you just really do not want to over do it. Use a little common sense when you are trying to clear up problems.. you do not want to cause other problems in the process!

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Pumpkin Pie….Eat Up!!!
Posted on 03.24.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

Nothing like pumpkin pie and stuffed pumpkins in the fall. Here are more reasons you should have some…
1. They are high in potassium, Vitamin C, calcium, fiber and beta carotene
2. They help lower high cholesterol
3. They are great for your heart
4. They reduce arthritis pain
5. They help maintain a healthy prostate and also its sexual functions

Watch out though – they’re high in calories

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