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Red Banana
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I just tried a red banana and it is delicious. It is sweeter than a yellow banana and they have a slight raspberry flavor…very good. Here is the even better part of this banana…it has even more beta carotene and vitamin C than the regular banana. I love bananas and this one is a good one. It is considerably smaller than a yellow banana though but fills you up just the same because it is quite hearty surprisingly.

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Rhodiola Rosea, Acai and Cordyceps
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08.08.08 by Your Natural Remedies @

I just love reading up on the benefits of new and natural products like Monavie Acai Juice. It is the size of a blueberry and is called the miracle berry. It could just be the m ost healthiest food on the earth but you can not always trust what you buy in stores or on all sites. Some of the products that they sell are low in the antioxidants…the whole point of getting this berry and juice! Here is what the Acai Berry benefits are:
*Helps increase your energy and stamina

*Great for your libido

*Helps give you beautiful and healthy skin and hair

*Helps with insomnia

*Great to boose your immune system

*Helps with asthma – strong anti-inflammatory

*Great anti-oxidant – helps with anti-aging!

*Help reduce soreness and pain especially with your muscles

Then there is Rhodiola Rosea which is a Russian herb. Here are some of the benefits:

*Helps reduces your anxiety and limits your stress

*Improves your mood

*Helps with endurance and stamina – great if you are going to work out

*Gives you mental clarity and helps with mental performance

*Gives you a restful sleep

And then there is Cordyceps Sinensis – I have already in previous blogs discussed these benefits.

*It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory

*Helps enhance your libido

*Improves fertility

*Super immunological restorative properties

*Helps resist bodily infections because of adaptogen which helps promote homeostasis (the endocrine system balance)

*Great for respiratory problems like allergies and bronchitis

*Can assist athletic recovery and performance

*Promotes vascular elasticity

*Can improve your heart muscle strength

*Act as a a powerful detoxifier.

Just be sure to buy these products from reputable sources. Also remember even the natural things should be taken in moderation and you should consult your doctor before taking them.

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Health Benefits of Black Raspberries
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04.09.08 by Your Natural Remedies @

I love black raspberries even more so than red raspberries…you will be amazed at all the health benefits this little fruit has. So be sure to throw some in your fruit salads. In fact black raspberries are even richer in antioxidants by almost 40 percent more than blueberries and strawberries!!!

*Great source of anitioxidants – high antioxidant levels

*Helps keep your cholesterol at healthy levels

*Prevents premature mental aging

*Prevents heart disease and strokes

*Helps obsorb oxygen free radicals that can damage your DNA and even cause cellular change resulting in cancer

*Studies have shown that it may preven Alzheimer’s Disease

*Contain anthocyanins – therefore has anti-inflammatory and vasoprotecitve properties. Anthocyanins are also linked to improved vision, good overall cardiovascular helath and even memory retention

*Reduces the changes of developing hypertension

*Studies indicate black raspberry extract may help topically with skin cancers as it has been known to sooth sunburns

*Black Raspberry extracts als have been said to slow down and even reduce the growth of breast and cervical cancers

*Reduces your chances of developing esophageal and colon cancers

Known as the “king of berries”…it really is!!! Prevention is always the best form of treatment!!!

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Health Benefits of Pineapples
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03.25.08 by Your Natural Remedies @

I just love fresh pineapples. And as will many or even all fruits there are definitely health benefits of having pineapples daily. So, here are the health benefits of the pineapple that I have researched and compiled. Fresh pineapples are far more beneficial to your health as compared to the canned pineapples!! Pineapples contain bromelain which is what gives it much of it’s health benefits. Cooking will destroy the health benefits.

*Great for strengthening bones

*Helps detoxify your body

*Destroys harmful bacterias in your stomach

*Helps to dissolve warts

*Helps with asthma patients

*Helps aid in weight loss

*Great for your eyes and protects against Macular Degeneration

*Makes your skin softer

*Great for high blood pressure

*Helps relieve Bronchitis

*Great to suppress a cough or colds…helps clear out excess mucus

*Helps reduce sore throats

*Contains a lot of the antioxidant vitamin C

*Helps cure acute sinusitis

*Can remove intestinal worms

*Great for your immune system … if you are getting a cold reach for the pineapple juice!

*Helps angina

*Helps prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease

*Has been said to help the gland that causes goiter

*Promotes the healing of wounds and helps with the healing process

*Helps fight bad bacteria associated with gum disease

*Helps prevent nausea especially with motion sickness and morning sickness (really does help!!)

*Helps promote better digestion because it breaks down the amino acids

*Helps to prevent colon cancer

*Excellent for keeping cholesterol under control

*Is an anti-inflammatory so it helps reducing swelling, joint tenderness and pain as well as rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

*Have pineapples if you are constipated

*Increases the ability to repair bodily tissues quicker

*Helps prevent free radical damage

*Helps prevent the formation of a blood clot

*Even the stems have nutritional value..said to prevent breast, ovarian, lung and skin cancers

*Add some honey with fresh pineapple juice for a great cough syrup

*Stops diarrhea

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