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Just Because it is Herbal Does Not Mean it is Safe
Posted on 07.27.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

Just because something is all natural and herbal does not necessarily mean that it is completely safe.

*ALWAYS read the labels

*Do not take herbal products when you are taking other medicines

*Do not take herbal products when you are pregnant or nursing

*Do not herbal products without first consulting your doctor

*Get them from reputable companies

*Do not rely on them exclusively

*Do not believe companies or websites that have bold and outlandish claims.

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Quick Tip To Help You Lose Weight
Posted on 02.25.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

Here is a quick tip to help you lose that weight. This by no means replaces healthy eating and exercise but take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every day. This is also just very beneficial to your overall health. Here is a great book you may want to read to help with your weight loss – Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss and Good Health by Cynthia Holzapfel and Cynthia Nofziger

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Vitamins and Your Bones
Posted on 02.15.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

You need Vitamin D for so many reasons…moving calcium formt he small intestings into your bloodstream for one. A vitamin D deficiency could lead to hip and bone fractures.

Magnesium is excellent to have daily also because it increases calcium absorption from the blood into the bone. Here is the thing though – too much calcium will block the absorption of magnesium causing muscle cramps, trembling, and hair loss. Moderation is key with everything!

You have to maintain a good balance between calcium and phosphorous (5:1) because too much phosphorous also depletes calcium.

A great resourse to read up more on this is Food and Our Bones by Annemarie Colbin

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Stem Cell Therapy
Posted on 01.19.09 by Your Natural Remedies @

In my opinion Stem Cell Therapy is under funded and the government should put more money into the research of this. More money is wasted every day on stupid studies that do not amount to much of anything. The study of Biostemcellgenetics is a fascinating one too. The possibilities that stem cells offer as far as treating diseases are endless. MSC Health truly believe that this is the future of medicine. And the collection of umbilical stem cells has great potential to help people with disease and even strokes. The stem cells are not even taken until the baby has been born…so it does not hurt the mother or the baby. It takes all of 5 minutes after the baby is born to collect the stem cell blood.

Many mothers are actually opting now to store their stem cells in case their child needs it one day. But many do not have the money to store them because it can be rather costly. The testimonials of how this stem cell treatment and therapy has helped other people are amazing. This site has a lot of great information if you think this is something that you could benefit from. Sometimes the alternative heatlhcare options are so much better and more productive than the traditional ones!

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