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Lemon Detox
Posted on 10.22.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

Have you ever heard of the lemon detox? Madonna and Beyoncé do the lemon detox to lose a few extra pounds. Personally, I don’t think I would like this…however, I do have a lemon slice each and every day. There are many different lemon detox programs ones that have cayenne pepper and others that have asian palm syrus or Madal bal natural tree syrups. I say if you need to lose a few pounds…just cut out some daily sweets!

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Aging Well
Posted on 10.10.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

Everyone is always looking for that great way to slow down the aging process. While you really can not do that you can appear to look younger than you are just by eating right and having that healthy lifestyle. Here is a great tip to help slow down that aging process…learn how to meditate…it is an art form. By meditating it will reduce your stress which is a major factor in most diseases.

There is a stress hormone called cortisol that actually ages the brain affecting the memory and thinking also it causes you to put on those extra pounds around your mid section. A few minutes a day of complete calmness and deep breathing can do your body a world of wonder!

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Rain Water
Posted on 10.05.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

If you want super soft hair…and it is going to rain then I would wash your hair and then go outside in the rain and let it get completely wet…not just a little because then it may just frizz up. Get it all wet and then dry and style it. Your hair will be just so soft. At least mine it. It is better than useing a conditioner. And it smells kinda pretty too…like the rain – if you like that sort of smell.

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PreMature Greying
Posted on 09.23.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

If you are going grey very early in your life it could just be because it is hereditary. However it could be because of stress, or your diet…lack of vitamins especially B. If you want to slow down the greying then you may want to give your hair an almond oil massage 3 times a week. And add more foods with vitamin B…especially B12. However, you should just accept your greying…perhaps it is that distinguished look that you have been waiting for all your life!

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