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Love Glass
Posted on 10.18.14 by Your Natural Remedies @

My sister got chocolates as her wedding favor gift and everyone just loved it! I can not even remember what I had but it must not have been that memorable…I think the Love Glass Coaster Wedding Favors are just so nice. And the thing is that it is also practical so that people will actually use them. I know that I have coasters all over my house. I have to have a coaster under my glass otherwise it just really bothers me. So these are great in my opinion. I have a friend that is getting married and I have no idea what she is going to be getting but I am definately mentioning this before she goes out and gets something crazy as she usually does! ūüôā

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Modern Bathroom Vanities
Posted on 07.29.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

When it comes to your bathroom there are so many modern bathroom vanities out there to choose from.  Time to get your bathroom up to date.  And when you have people come over you will notice that they start complimenting your style and sense of taste as well.  And they are affordable as well if you know the right places to shop.


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Bath Vanities
Posted on 03.03.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

When it comes to bath vanities there are so many really nice ones out there to choose from. ¬†And in the past I always get the cheap of the cheap that need replacing in a few months. ¬†Sometimes it is best to just get something nice so that you don’t have to replace it so often and they usually are so much nicer too.

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Loving Your Pet
Posted on 01.11.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

Your family is not just limited to the people that are sitting around the dinner table but your extended family as well and that includes your pets. Your pets are a huge part of you family and in many cases a pet is treated better than the children in the household! If you have a pet you want to make sure that it is happy and healthy and than means protecting it from ticks and fleas that can not only bring the dog major discomfort but also can get it very sick. My parents have always used Frontline for dogs which is why I probably used it. However, I did go to a cheaper version of the same product because I figured they would all be the same but I was wrong and my dog was very upset with me. If she could talk she would have been screaming at me not to ever again cheap out on her medications! But I was going to the specialty stores that are always marking up their products when now you can just go online and get discounted prices that are so much more affordable for those pet products that are reliable and have that great reputation for actually working. What is the point of spending all the money on a product that is not going to work anyways…I would much rather spend the little extra on things that work because in the long run you save. Preventative measures are just so much better than having to go back and fix things and treat things. If you can prevent those fleas and ticks then not only will your pet be happy but your wallet will not get thinner because of all the trips to the vet’s for special treatments to help now cure the problem.

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