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Wedding Favors
Posted on 11.11.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

Planning a wedding can be so costly…you really do not realize how much is going to be spent on a wedding until you sit down and then start to add up and figure things out. And it is usually for many that you don’t realize how much you spent until the bills start coming in after you have been married. That is why it is good to smart shop. And you can get everything really cheap online. For example…why go out and get wedding favors when the wedding favors that are online are so much nicer and cheaper. You get a huge selection to choose from and they are quality favors that cost a fraction of what you would pay for in the actual stores. Personally, I like the chocolate favors but there are other really unique ideas out there. If you are having that outdoor summer wedding…why not get sunblock for your guests…something practical!

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Savor Your Food
Posted on 09.21.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

When you eat if you really enjoy your food you will find that you will not eat as much. Like a bag of popcorn or batch of cookies that you just made. If you just eat them with out thinking about them then you could just possibly eat the entire dozen of them but if you take your time and really enjoy them then you may not eat so much.

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Your Pets Paws
Posted on 09.19.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

Here is a natural remedy for dry and hurting pet paw. Just get some petroleum jelly and put it on the bottom of there paws on their paw pads. It will give some relief your furry friend and it will just make for a happy pet and ultimately a happy you! Remember … a healthy pet is a happy pet that makes for a happy owner too!

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Have A Nut
Posted on 08.20.12 by Your Natural Remedies @

Have a few nuts today – actually you should have a handful of nuts every day. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts…having a handful of nuts will do so much for your health. It will actually help lower your weight. You would think that nuts would make you gain weight but nuts will satisfy your appetite and therefore you do not feel like eating so much later!

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