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Posted on 06.25.14 by Your Natural Remedies @

Everyone has heard someone say to them, “Don’t forget to drink your milk – it’s good for your bones!!” Well, being kids – most of us don’t listen to that advise or even like the taste of milk – I know I didn’t like the taste of milk and even now I have to put some coffee syrup in it!!
There are many symptoms and signs of osteoporosis; back pains, loss of height, hunched posture, frequent fractures especially of the hip. If you don’t want to take calcium supplements then you should get calcium from the foods you eat! Here is a list of great foods you should eat:

*Eat more cabbage, broccoli, and onions

*Have a handful of pumpkin seeds

*Eat more foods high in potassium


*Dandelions – yes the flower. Dandelions also contain silicon which is great to strengthen the bones

*Eat more soybeans, soy products and bananas

*Breastfeeding reduces your risk of getting osteoporosis – so moms – I highly recommend breastfeeding!

*Have sex 3 times a week

*Eat more oranges and apples

*Add more sweet potatoes to your diet

*Green leafy Vegetables – parsley, spinach, and kale

*Eat more avocados – great source of vitamin D!!

*Black pepper – use a little to season your foods!

*Use a little vinegar when you make your soup broths – they dissolve the calcium from the bones of the chicken!!

*Red Salmon

*Season your foods with lemon juice


*Nuts and legumes

*Avoid refined sugars and chocolates!!!

*Have honey instead of sugar – it helps aid in the calcium breakdown most beneficial for bones


*Watch your fiber intake – it binds the calcium

*Don’t smoke or drink alcohol and cut back on the caffeine!!!

*Believe it or not but dairy products are not the best source of absorbable calcium

*Do weight bearing exercises

*Have more green tea

*I’ve also recently found out that those high-protein meat diets will take the calcium from your bones. So beware of what diets you decide to go with. And avoid Tums – turns out it actually decreases stomach acids needed for calcium absorptions even though it states it’s good for calcium supplements!!

*Try to eat more foods high in vitamins C, D, K, zinc, folate, magnesium calcium

*Always be sure to consult your doctor if you have a current or pre-existing condition before trying natural remedies. Natural remedies are sometimes not best for all people.

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Posted on 09.04.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

Having regular sex (regular meaning around 3 times a week) has many beneficial health benefits that many probably didn’t even know existed!! So I’m here to let you know and list all the possible benefits having sex can do for your health!!!

*Helps you lose weight and keep fit even sometimes firming your stomach and buttocks

*Can reduce your stress and help your to relax more easy even sometimes considered an anti-depressant

*Helps to lower your cholesterol

*Sex can boost your self-esteem

*Great Anti-Aging remedy – helps you stay and look young

*Increases your blood flow – helping your circulation

*Improves your cardiovascular health reducing the risk of heart diseases

*Contributes to cell and tissue repair keeping your skin and hair healthy

*Helps maintain a good immune system keeping your body healthy from colds and flu’s

*Helps with insomnia and may even improve the quality of your sleep

*Can reduce pain – known for reducing menstrual pain

*Reduces the chance of prostate cancer and/or en enlarged prostate

*Helps bladder control with the kegel exercise

*Stimulates your brain to help your memory

*Helps aid in weight loss

*Sex will boost estrogen and testosterone levels thus in helping aid in healthy bones, teeth and muscles

*Sometimes sex will improve your mood a necessity in good overall health

*Connects you and your partner on a hopefully better more intimate level

*Remember as with anything always eat/drink in moderation!! Too much of anything including sex is not good 🙂

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Baby Wips and Hemorrhoids
Posted on 06.04.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

If you have hemorrhoids do not cheap out on the horrible toilet paper…you may even want to consider using baby wipes until you are healed. And be sure not to take things that have aspirin or ibuprofen because they can encourage bleeding – you may want to consider taking a Tylenol instead that has acetaminophen. And do not forget to get a little exercise because that can help with the speeding process.

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Foods To Soften Your Stools
Posted on 02.24.10 by Your Natural Remedies @

I don’t have to get too much into this topic…this has all happen to use at one point in our lives. So, here are some good foods to help ensure that you have softer stools

*Always stay hydrated with water
*Graham Crackers
*Bran Muffins
*Shredded Wheat
*Sweet Potatoes

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