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Grab Some Walnuts
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I love having a handful of nuts everyday…usually almonds because they are my favorite but did you know that walnuts are so incredibly healthy for you and just a few walnuts a day can be extremely beneficial for your heart. Some even say it is better than having olive oil everyday. Not to mention that it keeps away that bad cholesterol too lessening your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.

They are also high in the omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin E, Folate which is great for pregnant and nursing women and fiber. So put a few walnuts in your mix!

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Pumpkin Seeds
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My least favorite season has always been the Fall. School was starting, leaves were falling, everything was dying and it was getting colder and darker earlier in the evening. But there are two things I do love in the fall. Going apple picking and pumpkin pie. I love making and eating pumpkin pie and roasting pumpkin seeds. I’m not to fond of eating stuffed pumpkin although my mom loves it but I prefer the pie!
Here are some of the benefits of the pumpkin:

Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil

*Act as an anti- inflammatory – helps reduce the effects of arthritis and asthma

* Great antioxidant

*Helps boost your immune system

*Helps reduce the risk of cancer

*Helps maintain a healthy urinary system – and even can help eliminate bed wetting for children…or adults

*Can act as a diuretic

*Great for your eyes and helps reduce the risk of cataracts

*Helps alleviate dizziness

*Very high in the omega 3 and zinc

*If you have high cholesterol eat more pumpkin seeds – pumpkin seeds prevent the hardening of your arteries

*Helps eliminate parasite problems such as roundworm and tapeworm

*Great for your heart helping to prevent heart disease

*Helps promote a healthy prostate

*Helps maintain healthy bones reducing the risk of osteoporosis

*Helps maintain a healthy kidney, urethra and bladder

*Helps treat depression because of the tryptophan it contains

*Helps prevent kidney stones

*Helps with insomnia

*Helps stimulate your brain

*Helps with hormonal imbalances – perhaps good for menopausal women

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Sunflower Seeds
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Sunflowers seeds and flowers have been know for treating:
*Is an anti-inflammatory – helping arthritis and asthma

*The flower pedals help soothe bites and wounds


*For respiratory/breathing problems – create a steam with the leaves

*If you have a cough eat more sunflower seeds

*The seeds act as a diuretic

*Reduces a fever

*Hot flashes in menopausal women


*Helps treat tinnitus



*Highers Sperm Count, aids in getting Pregnant and Infertility

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I love almonds – unsalted right out of the shell is the best!! And I knew that almonds were very healthy but I’m always amazed at how healthy some things really are for you. Almonds are high in potassium and are great for…

*Wrinkles and the anti aging process

*High in fiber – helps prevent colon cancer

*If you are experiencing morning sickness snack on some almonds to settle your nausea

*Help keep a healthy gallbladder and prevents gallstones

*If you are experiencing breastfeeding related problems add some almonds to your diet – helps with the milk production

*Lowers your cholesterol level

*Almond oil great for dandruff

*Almond oil is great for your skin

*Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

*A handful of almonds each day will give you a healthy energy boost!!

*If you are trying to conceive eat more almonds because they contain arginine which increases your fertility

*Reduce heart disease risk – high in vitamin E and flavonoids

*Great for your heart reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks

*Helps prevent hair loss

*Improves your blood flow and circulation because they are high in magnesium and potassium helping to prevent varicose veins

*Helps maintain healthy blood pressure

*Helps keep your arteries healthy because they contain folic acid – much needed during pregnancy and it also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks – rubbing almond oil on the areas

*Almonds may even help you lose weight and prevent obesity

*Lowers risk of diabetes

*Promotes healthy eye health and prevents cataracts

*Eat more almonds for healthier lungs

*Almonds help respiratory problems – asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema

*Almonds prevent hangovers

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