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Enjoy the Aroma of Your Tea
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Tea contains polyphenols which is why gives the tea its antioxidant properties that make tea so popular. These antioxidancts protect your body from that free radical damage that causes aging and premature aging. There are numerous benefits of many teas but I just recently read that these polyphenols reduce the rist of gastric, esophageal and even skin cancers if you have 4 to 6 cups a day. And consuming that much a day will also help preven blood clotting and even lower you cholesterol levels (do not add milk). The most interesting thing was that only 2 cups a day will lover the risk of ovarian cancer by 46% in women!

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Health Benefits of Red Tea
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02.28.08 by Your Natural Remedies @

Red tea, also known as rooibos, is originally from South Africa and like green and white tea it has a lot of great health benefits.

*Replace it for your sugary sports drink…helps quench your thirst!

*Reduce skin imperfections like wrinkles, acne scars, age spots…helps give you healthier skin – use it as a facial rinse too

*Helps with circulatory problems

*Helps reduce hay fever and asthma symptoms

*Great source of antioxidants and helps protect you against the free radical damage which causes certain types of cancer such as skin cancer

*Has potassium, calcium, magnesium and copper minerals present in it needed for many bodily metabolic function.

*Keeps your lips supple

*Reduces your daily stress – have a cup!

*Great for your heart protecting against heart attack and strokes

*Helps maintain a healthy nervous system

*If you have kidney stones you may want to try red tea

*Great for Anti-Aging remedies..slows down the aging process

*Helps control your appetite great for weight loss.

*Helps to boost your immune system high in vitamin C

*Contains NO caffeine

*Said to be antimutagenic ( they protect against DNA damage which can lead to cancer development)

*Will compliment carcinogen-detoxifying enzymes that are found in the liver.

*Great for preventing plaque on your teeth – helps prevent cavities

*If you have mild depression this can make for a relaxing sedative

*Known to relieve constipation, stomach ulcers, nausea, headaches and heartburn.

*Helps cure insomnia…you will have a great night sleep if you have a cup before bedtime.

*Helps to increase the absorption of iron in your body

*Helps to ease irritability, nervousness, anxiety and tention

*Promotes healthy and glowing skin

*Naturally sweet so you don’t need sugar and never add milk to tea!

*Help manage the pain of arthritis

*Helps inflammatory dermatitis

*Helps fight off high cholesterol

*Contains polyphenols, like other teas, which have have antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer properties.

*Helps milk allergies in babies as well as colic and sleeping problems

*Great for your skin…put on your skin for irritations, minor cuts, burns, acne, eczema, and great for diaper rash on babies

*Help aid in digestion

*Helps to treat and prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, allergic diseases, liver diseases and cataracts

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Green Tea
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02.25.07 by Your Natural Remedies @

So, what about the great health benefits of the ever famous green tea!!

Health Benefits of Green Tea….

*Helps Breathing Disorders

*Is considered to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents

*Great anti-oxidant and great for reducing the effects of aging

*If you have high blood pressure drink more green tea

*Great for canker sores

*Helps prevent coronary artery disease

*Helps to lower your cholesterol

*Powerful antiseptic and astringent – also great for applying topically

*Great for your heart reducing the risk or heart attacks, stokes and blood clots

*Helps treat brain tumors in children

*If you like to exercise then add more green tea to your diet – it boosts your energy levels

*If you suffer from type 2 diabetes drink more green tea

*Helps prevent osteoporosis

*If you drink alcohol drink more green tea – it helps repair your liver

*Helps relieve diarrhea and other digestive problems

* Cellular Regeneration

*Great for cleansing and detoxifying your body

*Help prevent drowsiness – so if you are going on a long drive have a cup of green tea!

*Helps treat and prevent emphysema

*Great for prevention of periodontal disease and gingivitis – is a natural fluoride preventing cavities thus eliminating toothaches

*Helps soothe and treat sunburns and minor burns

*Helps with skin disorders, and skin cancer

*Green tea has been said to prevent numerous cancers including; breast, lung, ovarian, prostate, bladder, pancreatic, skin, stomach, and esophageal

*Helps reverse the effect of radiation

*Helps lessen the negative effects of the brain after a stroke

*Helps prevent hypertension

*Helps reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

*Help prevent ulcers

*Great to drink if you are trying to lose weight

*Boosts your immune system preventing colds and flu’s

*Helps prevent colon tumors

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White Tea
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02.23.07 by Your Natural Remedies @

I had never heard of White tea a couple of years ago – but I absolutely love it – and the taste is so soothing!!
Here are some benefits of white tea and I highly recommend you try it!!!

*It’s known for having cancer-fighting antioxidants – like the antioxidants in green tea but stronger and better.

*Prevents the growth of dental plaque.

*Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial properties

*High in flavonoids

*Contains little caffeine.

*Helps your body’s immune system fight off viruses

*May prevent colon cancer.

*The least processed out of all the teas

*Helps treat diarrhea

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