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Benefits of Corn
Posted on 07.13.08 by Your Natural Remedies @

You may thing that there is really no nutritional value in corn but there is. It contains a phytochemical called ferulic acid. There have been studies that have shone that this compound could very well help you avoid such conditions everything from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer. What else can it do for you…

*Contains cell-damaging free radicals
*Has anti-aging properties
*Prevents inflammation
*Diminishes plaque buildup in your artery walls

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Posted on 07.28.07 by Your Natural Remedies @

Stuffed pumpkins have other great ingredients but the actual pumpkin shell has many health benefits that you may not have even known about:

*High in potassium, Vitamin C. calcium, fiber and beta carotene

*Helps lower high cholesterol

*Great for your heart

*Help reduce arthritis pain

*Helps soothe and treat sunburns and minor burns

*Helps maintain a healthy prostate and also its sexual functions

*Pumpkins are even great for the environment cleaning up contaminated soil

*Beware pumpkins are high in calories

*Remember as with anything always eat/drink in moderation!! Too much of anything is not good for you

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Posted on 07.23.07 by Your Natural Remedies @

Personally, I don’t particularly care for cooked spinach – but I do like it in my Cole slaw and salads. It is chalk full of vitamin A, foliate, manganese, magnesium, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, calcium, potassium,, and even tryptophan that that is just to name a few!! The benefits of this vegetable goes as follows:

*Help prevent kidney stones and gallbladder problems

*It will give you lots of energy – maybe not as much as Popeye but it’ll get you moving!

*Like other green leafy vegetables – it is great for you eyes preventing cataracts, and muscular degeneration

*Full of anti-oxidants – anti aging properties

*May prevent/treat hair loss

*Helps aid in the recovery of a stroke

*Helps treat conjunctivitis (pink eye)

*If you suffer from migraines and terrible headaches – eat more spinach

*Great food to have if you are a stressful person

*High in flavonoids

*Helps treat tinnitus

*Prevents anemia

*Helps fight depression – because of the vitamin B

*Help prevent varicose veins

*Prevents colon and lung cancer

*Great for you heart preventing heart disease and stroke

*Helps maintain a healthy blood pressure level

*Helps people with arthritis, gout and asthma because is has anti-inflammatory agents

*Great for overall bone health preventing such things as osteoporosis

*Contains anti-cancer agents

*Low in calories

*Helps treat infertility and low sperm count

*Help prevent anaphylaxis attacks

*Prevents stomach and intestinal problems such as diarrhea and constipation

*Helps treat chronic fatigue syndrome

*Recommended food for pregnant women because it is high in foliate proven to help prevent spina bifida and other birth defects in babies

*Great food if you are trying to loose weight

It is recommended that you should not have more than 2 serving of spinach a week and is better steamed than boiled although raw is best..

Remember if you have pre-existing or current condition, especially kidney or bladder problems because Spinach is high in oxalate’s, be sure to discuss with your doctor what foods you should and should not be having. As with anything eat your fruits and vegetables and foods in moderation – too much of anything can be harmful to your health.

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Posted on 07.09.07 by Your Natural Remedies @

Here are some great reasons for you to start adding more onions to your diet!!

*High in flavonoids and anti-oxidants – slowing down the aging process

*Eases the itching of chiggers

*Increases sperm count

*Help fight depression

*Great for your eye’s health – helps prevent cataracts

*Help treat insomnia – put an onion near your bed

*Great for your heart – helps prevent heart disease, heart attack and stroke – reducing the risk of blood clotting

*Helps soothe and treat sunburns and minor burns

*Rub an onion on your head for a “cure” for baldness

*Helps boost you immune system fighting off the common cold, hay fever and even pneumonia

*Helps treat allergies and asthma

*Has been said to help the HIV infection

*Prevents and treats ulcers

*If you have high cholesterol – eat more onions!

*Add more onions to your diet if you have high blood pressure

*If you are suffering from scabies eat more onions

*Help treat impotence

*Helps treat eczema, burns and insect bites

*Put a drop of raw juice in your ear for tinnitus

*Helps treat varicose veins – eat more onions for good circulation improving capillaries

*If you have diabetes eat more onions – helps level blood sugars

*Help prevent scurvy

*If you bruise easily – eat more onions

*Helps treat and ease the symptoms of tuberculosis

*Helps promote strong and healthy bones preventing osteoporosis

*Onions help treat arthritis and gout

*If you are congested have some onions – great anti-inflammatory

*Great for respiratory disorders (bronchitis) and breathing problems

*Raw onions have the most benefits

*Anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties

*Helps treat wounds, infections and even tumors

*Help rid warts

*Is a natural deterrent to insects

*Helps prevent stomach, liver and colon cancers

*Said to help get rid of age spots and even freckles

*Help a poor appetite

*Helps improve your lung functions

*If you have an upset stomach and/or a gastrointestinal problem….eat more onions

*Help promote tearing 🙂

*Remember as with anything always eat/drink in moderation!! Too much of anything isn’t good

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