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Sherrill Tree
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This is the time of year when people are doing a lot of yard work to make their yards look fabulous for those summer picnics and get togethers. People are fixing their grass trees, pruning bushes, planting flowers to make everything look really nice. Because most people are very proud of their yards and the way that they look. But people are also making sure that they don’t have any half down or dead trees that could fall down this hurricane and winter season. It is best to take care of these issues now when the weather is good and you can see which trees need to be cut down…mainly because they have no leaves and are just sticks in the ground waiting to fall down on your house!

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06.25.14 by Your Natural Remedies @

Everyone has heard someone say to them, “Don’t forget to drink your milk – it’s good for your bones!!” Well, being kids – most of us don’t listen to that advise or even like the taste of milk – I know I didn’t like the taste of milk and even now I have to put some coffee syrup in it!!
There are many symptoms and signs of osteoporosis; back pains, loss of height, hunched posture, frequent fractures especially of the hip. If you don’t want to take calcium supplements then you should get calcium from the foods you eat! Here is a list of great foods you should eat:

*Eat more cabbage, broccoli, and onions

*Have a handful of pumpkin seeds

*Eat more foods high in potassium


*Dandelions – yes the flower. Dandelions also contain silicon which is great to strengthen the bones

*Eat more soybeans, soy products and bananas

*Breastfeeding reduces your risk of getting osteoporosis – so moms – I highly recommend breastfeeding!

*Have sex 3 times a week

*Eat more oranges and apples

*Add more sweet potatoes to your diet

*Green leafy Vegetables – parsley, spinach, and kale

*Eat more avocados – great source of vitamin D!!

*Black pepper – use a little to season your foods!

*Use a little vinegar when you make your soup broths – they dissolve the calcium from the bones of the chicken!!

*Red Salmon

*Season your foods with lemon juice


*Nuts and legumes

*Avoid refined sugars and chocolates!!!

*Have honey instead of sugar – it helps aid in the calcium breakdown most beneficial for bones


*Watch your fiber intake – it binds the calcium

*Don’t smoke or drink alcohol and cut back on the caffeine!!!

*Believe it or not but dairy products are not the best source of absorbable calcium

*Do weight bearing exercises

*Have more green tea

*I’ve also recently found out that those high-protein meat diets will take the calcium from your bones. So beware of what diets you decide to go with. And avoid Tums – turns out it actually decreases stomach acids needed for calcium absorptions even though it states it’s good for calcium supplements!!

*Try to eat more foods high in vitamins C, D, K, zinc, folate, magnesium calcium

*Always be sure to consult your doctor if you have a current or pre-existing condition before trying natural remedies. Natural remedies are sometimes not best for all people.

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Cedar Finance
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So, I am looking for that Part Time job 🙁 I don’t want to but I just really have to. We just can not make it on what we have been making it on. Not having to get that extra pack of diapers is helping but there are just so many other things that I have to get. And one wants art lessons and the other wants to try dance. I just have to get that job because I just can not do it on what we have. I have already put off these lessons because of a home repair disaster. There is always something. And finances always stress me out beyond belief

So, I have been looking also options for financing. But I am not one that really knows what I am doing so I need the financial experts help. I need good tutorials online or even better being able to contact and talk to an actual person one-on-one to help me out My husband has looked at stocks but there is also trading binary options and there are many formats out there like There have been great reviews of people that have tried this company. The advice and support is great and when you request a withdrawal you always get it without any problems. I need a better way to manage my finances because what I am doing right now does not seem to be working all that great. And it is better to search now than to have something happen later and then you have no finances at all!

I did check out their site and it has a lot of great information on that I am going to further explore to see if it is something that would work best for me and my situation.

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02.27.13 by Your Natural Remedies @

Ever since I had children I have been searching and searching for a way to quit my horrific job and just work from home. I know that it would be a lot of work and possibly even moreso than actually going out to a job each and every day. And sure I would not have any interaction with co-workers but I don’t care. I just want to be home with my children and I don’t want to have to worry about getting someone to watch them while I am at work all day long. And there are many careers that I have looked into online like online copywriting. Now personally for me this would not be a career that I would succeed in because I do not know how to copywriter and I have never been that good at English. However, there are many things out there but the key is to weed out all the scams that are out there because there are so many of them it makes it very discouraging for a person like me. I sometimes feel as though I am wasting my time online trying to find that job that just does not exist. There is a job out there for me and I will find it!

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